Create Custom
Commission Flows

We offer a range of commission structures tailored to diverse sales team needs, enhancing motivation and driving sales growth.

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Flow Commission - Commission tracking software
Flow Commission - Commission tracking software
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Flow Commission - Commission tracking software
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Build Custom
Commission Flows

If you’re looking to improve performance team based goals, specific product lines or a combination of these factors Flow Commission provides the tools for tailoring your approach. This allows you the flexibility to establish commission rates for products or services implement layered structures to reward sales milestones and incorporate bonuses linked to specific targets.

Stay focused on business growth, through efficient sales management.

Boost productivity and motivation, with customized commission structures.

Simplify and optimize every step of your sales process.

Flow Commission - Commission tracking software
Flow Commission - Commission tracking software
Flow Commission - Commission tracking software
Flow Commission - Commission tracking software
Flow Commission - Commission tracking software

Tailored Commission Strategies with Flow Commission

The commission structure based on compensation is well suited for sales settings where individual accomplishments play a role, in driving revenue growth. It motivates sales professionals to maximize their productivity.

Flow Commissions Split Commission functionality enables a distribution of commissions among teams or groups. This proves effective when multiple teams contribute at stages of the sales cycle.

When deals require efforts from sales representatives our Shared Commission feature guarantees that all involved parties receive appropriate rewards. This approach recognizes the value of teamwork, in sales situations.

Simplifying Complex
Commission Structures

Flow Commission effortlessly handles commission structures. Whether you prefer a percentage based system or a complex sliding scale or multi tiered framework our platform is designed to accommodate any setup. This flexibility allows your commission system to adapt as your business grows and its needs change.

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Flexibility to Suit
Your Business Needs

Creating compensation plans plays a role in motivating and enhancing the performance of sales teams. At Flow Commission we offer a user platform that empowers you to design custom compensation structures perfectly suited to your specific business requirements. 

Define Sales Objectives and Commission Structure

First determine the commission structure that aligns best with your objectives. You can choose from options like a percentage of sales, tiered commissions or more intricate setups involving bonuses for achieving targets.

Customize Commission Rules Based on Roles and Products

Leverage the customization features provided by Flow Commission to establish rules and rates that specifically cater to the aspects of your business and sales team.

Implement, Monitor, and Adjust

Stay prepared to make adjustments along the way. Remember, both market conditions and your business needs can change over time. By maintaining communication channels, with your sales team you can gather feedback and make well informed modifications when needed.

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