Reduce Errors For Accurate
Commission Payouts

Streamlining Your Commission Process with Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency, Ensuring Timely and Correct Payments for Your Sales Team

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Build Custom
Commission Flows

Whether your focus is on individual performance, team-based targets, specific product lines, or a mix of these elements, Flow Commission offers the necessary tools for intricate customization. This means you have the freedom to set distinct commission rates for different products or services, implement tiered structures for escalating sales achievements, or integrate bonuses tied to specific targets.

Streamline every aspect of your sales process.

Enhance productivity and morale with custom commission flows

Focus on business growth with efficient, transparent, and effective sales management.

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Forget Spreadsheets with Automated Commission Tracking

Spreadsheets, while familiar, are limited in their ability to handle complex commission structures and large volumes of data. Mistakes in manual entry can throw off commission figures, making a solid case for Flow Commission’s streamlined solution. Flow Commission tackles those accuracy slips in commission math by providing a solid platform built to simplify the whole process.

Flow Commission takes the hassle out of your hands by automatically nailing down those commission figures, keeping them accurate and uniform, no sweat. Whether you deal with varying commission rates, bonuses, or sliding scales, Flow Commission handles all the complexities effortlessly. This slick automation not only frees up precious time but also guarantees your sales crew gets their due pay without a hitch.

With Flow Commission, you get real-time visibility into all commission activities. Keep tabs on your sales, effortlessly oversee commission payments, and whip up comprehensive reports in a snap. Seeing everything clearly, from sales figures to what everyone’s earning, is super important for the team and the bosses—it keeps everyone on the same page.

Simplifying Complex
Commission Structures

Flow Commission effortlessly manages a wide range of commission structures. From straightforward percentage-based approaches to more elaborate sliding scale or multi-tiered frameworks, our platform is equipped to handle any setup. This flexibility means your commission setup can grow and shift just as your business does, always fitting like a glove.

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Flexibility to Suit
Your Business

Designing and building effective compensation plans is pivotal in driving sales team motivation and performance. At Flow Commission, we’ve got this slick platform that lets you whip up custom pay plans to fit your business like a glove.

Define Sales Objectives and Commission Structure

Decide on the type of commission structure that best aligns with your objectives. This could be a simple percentage of sales, tiered commissions, or more complex structures involving bonuses for hitting specific targets.

Customize Commission Rules Based on Roles and Products

Use Flow Commission’s customization features to set these varied rules and rates, ensuring they are tailored to fit the unique aspects of your business and sales team.

Implement, Monitor, and Adjust

Be prepared to make adjustments as necessary. The market and your business needs can change, so your commission structure may need to evolve. Keep communication open with your sales team to receive feedback and make informed adjustments.

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