Mastering LinkedIn Growth: 3 Playbook Insights for Effective Business Expansion

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Mastering LinkedIn as a Vital Social Channel for Growth

As a critical growing channel, LinkedIn has grown and quite possibly, you initially came to know about this newsletter through LinkedIn. However, the organic growth is going more challenging due to the ever-increasing activity on the platform.  We are always at the mercy of continually changing algorithms. There are numbers of ‘hacks’ you can use for social growth; however, we always maintain a long-term vision. As commonly said, “play long-term games with long-term people.” For informative insights from experts about LinkedIn’s platform, read on.

Key Strategies LinkedIn Growth

  1. Craft a compelling hook

Though this may seem ‘obvious’, its importance cannot be overstated. A considerable part of LinkedIn’s algorithm consists of dwell time. You have a limited speaking lines to capture attention (3 lines without a picture, 5 lines with a picture). The aim is to compel users to click “see more” to boost dwell time and consequently, reach. I (Scott) usually achieve this by rewriting my original post with the hook in mind. The best hook is often the last part of my write up. It suggests that starting with the conclusion can be a sophisticated approach.

  1. Write content for your target audience and beyond

Though growth outside of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is not the main goal, sometimes including some content for related audiences can be beneficial for growth. For instance, if your ICP is executive level, consider creating content for various levels.  This enlarged exposure not only nurtures overall growth but also inadvertently exposes your ICP when they operate within the related space.

  1. Systemize growth

Systematically growing your audience can enhance engagement and visibility. It can be achieved through several strategies, such as connecting with those who engage with your content, especially those in your ICP. When reaching out, adopt a friendly and non-sales approach in your requests, thanking them for engaging with your content.  Another strategy is to proactively add people within your ICP. If you have Sales Navigator, filtering through a list daily is an efficient way and can be accomplished within 10 minutes.

Closing Thoughts

LinkedIn’s importance of its effective use cannot be overstated, especially in relation to sales, marketing, and a commission sale. With the right commission structure and techniques, success can be achieved organically and systematically. To aid in this, having a reliable commission tracking software and deal tracking system is vital. One such trusted software is Flow’s Commission Tracking Software. It offers you an easy-to-use and comprehensive platform to track and manage your commission strategies properly and efficiently.  Remember, consistent growth requires a synergy of content optimization, audience engagement, strategic connections, regular networking, and a steadfast commitment to providing value. Happy growth-exploration on LinkedIn and see you there!

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