The Importance of Customer Acumen for Sales Enablement Executives

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Understanding: Importance of Customer and Business Acumen in Sales.

Sales and enablement executives more often focus on product functionality when developing their go-to-market strategies. Unfortunately, many lack any formal business acumen programs. The inability of salespeople to engage with their customers meaningfully is a common issue. Sales reps struggle to reach their targets as they lack in grasping their customer’s world.

Understanding  Your Customer’s Business

Sellers often lack answers to even the most basic questions about their customer’s business. For instance, if they confront the question “How does your customer make money?” The most common response tends to be quite vague such as “They sell stuff…”. Furthermore, when asked about what specific operations their customers’ businesses engage in or what roles the individuals in those companies play, the answers provided tend to be just as general and unhelpful. What’s worse is that when probed about their customer’s needs, desires and what they care about, most sellers come up empty-handed, which widens the disconnect between seller and customer.

Engagement of Customers in Meaningful Conversations

The absence of the seller to uphold a fruitful conversation with the customer about their granular interests and needs is an astonishingly glaring gap in most sales processes. Rather than speaking from the customer’s perspective, sellers are often trained to talk too much about themselves. As a result, more buyers are leaning towards snagging their goods through rep-free shopping experiences. Ironically, the moment a seller establishes dialogue centered around the customer’s business, roles, and interests, the engagement levels changes immediately. The nature of human is to engage when an individual’s interests are being considered, and our challenges empathized with. Caring deeply and lending a hand, while showing that you get where people are coming from, plays a huge role in keeping everyone on board and invested. Leadership that demonstrates understanding, support, and growth opportunities regardless of salary levels can also promote employee engagement. However, a focus purely on numbers inevitably leads to disengagement.

Developing Customer and Business Acumen

Crucially, business acumen, coupled with customer acumen, holds the power to significantly changes sales outcomes. Diving deep into who your customer is and how their business works can really turn the tables on sales success. Go deep into their roles, grasp their business pulse, size up the competition, gauge market standings, and pinpoint growth paths for a standout performance. Businesses must creatively market themselves on a budget. This, undoubtedly, calls for considerable time investment but the outcomes continue to make these efforts convenient. The benefits are threefold:

  • Win rates surge – By building a deeper understanding, relationships, and trust with your customers, win rates can even double.
  • Drop in ‘No Decision Made’ – The ratio of failed buying efforts falls because closely working with customers reduces uncertainty.
  • 30-40% reduction in buying cycles.

Despite some companies missing out, those who really dial into their customer insights are hitting major wins – we’re talking doubled win rates and rapid buying processes. It is obvious that capturing potential and current customers’ interest relies heavily on understanding them in the context of narrative and numbers.

Commission Tracking with Flow Commission

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