3 Key Changes to Kick-start 2024

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Start Fresh with Enhanced Functionality

In keeping with the spirit of renewal and improvement that marks the start of a new year, we’re thrilled to introduce our much-requested updates from last year.

A Sophisticated Engine for In-Depth Reporting

Our reporting engine, now advanced to support five modules (upgraded from the previous two) exhibits a sleeker interface designed to combat screen-hopping, making your data analysis journey more streamlined and efficient. Additionally, expect an enhanced visual experience with our report construction process. It’s now an effortless task to drag and drop the fields you wish to include in your report. Want to delve deeper into these Multi-module Reports? Our information resources are on hand to assist you. Learn more about Multi-module Reports

Innovative Reports

Elevate your dashboard with two innovative reports designed to effortlessly measure employee or team performance. Seamlessly track metrics such as email volumes, meeting completion, deal victories and more in a tabular view, all while easily identifying your top team performers. Don’t just take our word for it, have a closer look at these reports. Employee Stats Reports

Refine Your Next Campaign with Streamlined Filters

Campaign-related queries such as bounced contacts, URL click counts, and specific date email access are now made easy to answer with our newly introduced filters in the Contact grid view. This facilitates in-depth analysis for conducted campaigns, as well as providing valuable insights for potential future campaigns. Learn more about these filters here

Link Product Information with Additional Modules

Unlock new possibilities by linking our product modules with our available additional modules. This union introduces improved tracking options that cover the range from product sales to wish lists, policy purchases, and asset management. The potential of Product Lookup Field, when used in conjunction with custom modules, broadens your business scenarios, opening up possibilities that were previously out of reach.

Stay Tuned for Future Updates

That wraps up our recent updates. Our commitment to continual improvement and updating our features means we’ll be back soon with more enhancements for you. Till then, happy data tracking!

Flow’s Commission Tracking Software

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