The Art of Goal Setting and Achievement for Sales Managers and Revenue Leaders

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Understanding and Achieving Organizational Goals

Goal setting: a routine task in both our professional and personal endeavors. One would expect us to be experts in achieving them, given our extensive exposure. Instead, for sales managers or revenue leaders, the primary dilemma isn’t in establishing the goal, but in setting, adjusting, and monitoring them for ensured success.

Foundations of Goal Achievement

Our journey begins with understanding the very nature of goal achievement, central to which are these pivotal questions:

  • What is the appropriate goal for our team(s)?
  • How do we monitor progress on our goal(s)?
  • How can we understand what leads to us meeting or not meeting our goals?
  • And, how do we manage goals for different roles or levels of experience?

Inconvenient yet true: the goal management process can often pose more of a challenge than the goal itself. Beyond that, goals come in various forms, such as targets, objectives, success metrics, northstar metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and more. Regardless of their label, each goal is designed with the intention of a particular desired outcome.

Sales Engagement Platforms and Goal Setting

Sales engagement platforms ordinarily include a mechanism for goal setting for your sales team:

  • Set goals for all users
  • Upload goals for large teams from a .csv file
  • Establish both types of goal: outcome goals or activity targets
  • Customize specific goals for teams and individual members
  • View projected goal achievement for select metrics, like pipeline, closed/won, opportunities created and meetings booked
  • Review historical or prior period goal achievement

Distinguishing between Goals and Targets

It’s worth noting that not all goals are created equal. Some goals essentially function as activity targets as opposed to outcome goals. The key isn’t necessarily the specific metric but understanding how different metrics should be used. While goals are directly linked to outcomes, and teams are held accountable for achieving them, targets are aimed at guiding action towards the final goal. Understanding the appropriate time horizon for your goals and targets is also crucial. Understanding “Could this be best set as a weekly, monthly or quarterly goal?” is essential. Your goal setting should take these factors into consideration to optimize success.

Taking Proactive Actions on Goals

To help teams, achieve their targets, it is essential to act early and repeatedly to support helpful growth and steady progress. These actions may need a one-on-one coaching sessions, watching goal’s progress every week team meetings, and employing brilliantly tools like Conversation Intelligence to understand areas for improvement. Combine the utilization of successful technology tools with best practices to extend the likelihood of fruitful goal achievement.

Flow’s Commission Tracking Software

The key to unlock every goal and target achievement lies in the utilization of the right tools. Among these, Flow’s Commission Tracking Software emerges as a powerful asset. With their easy-to-implement Custom Commission Flows, you can effectively manage Commission Tracking with unprecedented precision and efficiency. The software can adapt to any Commission Structure, helping you efficiently monitor goal progress. With Flow’s Deal Tracking program, your team can appreciate precise and effective following of deals, driving to a smoother trade process and eventually to goal acknowledgement. Hence, in this world, where many peoples set their goals, you should return and rethink on your techniques and tools and achieve your goal with Flow’s Commission Tracking Software.

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