Using Generative AI Tools in 2024 & What That Means for your Sales

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Unlocking the Potential of Generative AI: A Perspective from Salesforce’s Content Marketing Team.

The current growing and developing stage of generative AI, expecting it to perfectly draft a full content piece would be similar as asking an infant to run before they could walk. However, as we slowly experiment with and explore generative AI, it has shown great promise in areas like summarizing long documents and helping break through writer’s block. But to stand out among 7.5 million daily blog posts in 2024, The most essential way could be either mixing Human and AI Creativity.

Navigating with Generative AI in 2024: Insights from Salesforce.

Looking ahead to 2024, we aim to address two critical questions for enthusiastic content marketers: how much can we push the limits of generative AI for content marketing, and what guardrails should guide its usage?

Five Uses of Generative AI at Salesforce in 2024.

    1. Brainstorming: Generative AI has helped us go ahead of many writer’s block in 2023, especially when dealing with short, concise copy like headlines, CTAs, and email subject lines. Although they tend not to be used the same, it’s a useful tool in making off creative ideas especially when tired of our own.
    2. Recaps: Generative AI has been useful in the conclusion of main takeaways from lengthy transcripts, providing quick, concise conclusions that are rich in takeaways and usable quotes. Indeed, these efficiencies will be utilized more in the coming year.
    3. Style & Grammar Checks: This AI tool can re-write copies to make it grammatically correct and conversational. However, it’s best to critically review these suggestions.
    4. Atomization: Generative AI assists in drafting starter social copy, TikTok scripts, and memes. Highly beneficial in spreading content across multiple channels, given it fits our brand voice and maintains authenticity.
    5. SEO Optimization Support: As a powerful SEO assistant, AI can identify underused SEO keywords, a feature we aim to tap more into this year. Diving deeper into AI for SEO this year, we’re keeping it real with human oversight to guide our tech-savvy quests. Content Marketing Institute discusses the do’s and dont’s of using generative AI for better content marketing.

Oversight of Generative AI in Content Marketing at Salesforce.

Given the increasing pervasiveness and potential fallacies of generative AI, it is imperative that we integrate trust and ethics into its usage. Small businesses need to get creative with their limited budgets. They can start by clearly defining their target audience and core message. This helps guide strategic decisions on where to allocate marketing dollars for maximum impact. Instead of big celebrity sponsorships, they may find better returns sponsoring local events or influencers. Data and testing will be key – start small, measure results, then double down on what works. Although flashier marketing grabs attention, substance backed by analytics wins long-term loyalty and word-of-mouth. With insight and patience, small teams can build authentic connections while still boosting their bottom line. Some ground rules include:  Ensuring personal or sensitive information is not fed into any AI tool as it could be permanently stored and potentially made public. Fact-checking AI-generated content to ensure accuracy and reliability. Checking for plagiarism to avoid copyright infringement. Most AI tools have this feature. Reviewing voice and tone to match the company’s brand guideline. Treating AI as an assistant, enriching its generated content with human voice, creativity, and independently sourced relevant information. Adding a disclosure for all AI-supported published content to maintain transparency.

Exploring the Benefits of Flow’s Commission Tracking Software.

Businesses have ambitious targets and fine lines to tread—they need realistic yet creative marketing plans to make it happen. Sure, big companies can freely spend on splashy ads, but small businesses and startups must strategize each dollar. Exploring the Benefits of Flow’s Commission Tracking Software To stay efficient and competitive, businesses need reliable tools as the digital world evolves. This is where Flow’s software helps. It automatically manages, calculates, and tracks commissions, simplifying the traditionally manual, complex task.  Exploring the Benefits of Flow’s Commission Tracking Software Small businesses and startups must strategize to make every marketing dollar count. As the digital world keeps changing, companies need good tools to stay efficient and competitive. To help, Flow offers easy-to-use commission tracking software. This lets businesses see what marketing channels drive the most sales. Then companies can double down on what works and cut what doesn’t. The software integrates with popular platforms too. So, it’s simple to connect data from across apps and get a single source of truth. This saves teams tons of manual work reconciling reports. Further, Flow’s software is affordable, quick to setup, and has great support. So even bootstrapped teams can benefit from advanced tracking and insights. In the end, lean companies need every edge they can get. Wise spending and quality tools are key to growth with thin margins. Flow arms businesses with commission tracking those punches above its weight. This is where Flow’s Commission Tracking Software comes into play. This software streamlines your commission management by automating the grunt work, letting you track and calculate payouts with ease.  Flow’s software adapts to various commission models, making the once hefty chore of tracking payouts a breeze. Sure, the way a company sets up its pay plans for sales staff can really make or break how it performs in the competitive market. commission structures provide help with, gives Real-Time Deal Tracking. Small businesses need to get creative with their limited marketing budgets. Instead of big celebrity sponsorships, they can try grassroots tactics like local events, influencer partnerships, and smart social media targeting. The key is analysing data to see what works and doubling down on those high ROI channels. Testing on a small scale first helps limit risk. There’s always a way to stretch each dollar further with some imagination and elbow grease. It arms companies with the crucial insights they need to make smarter, well-informed choices. The software’s tailored commission structures and pinpoint accuracy in tracking not only boost a business’s efficiency but also ensure that every payout is clear-cut and above board.  Businesses need to get strategic with every dollar they spend. Startups and small companies can’t just throw money around like the big guys hiring Taylor Swift or spending a quarter million on Facebook ads. They’ve got tight margins to walk and big goals to hit, so they need imaginative yet realistic marketing plans that’ll make it happen. I tried to use more conversational language while keeping the key ideas. I shortened some sentences and varied the structure a bit more. Let me know if you have any other suggestions for improving it!  Businesses have big targets and tight margins—they need realistic yet creative plans to make it happen. Bigger companies can freely spend on splashy ads, but small ones must get strategic with each dollar. AI and software can help propel companies, if used rightly. We must keep learning and think through ethical concerns. Then the tech can let businesses grow as times change quick.

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